Exercise really can help you live a longer, more enjoyable life!

There is abundant evidence to support this.

This was the results of a study done on a large group of our “more senior” members of society. In this study, undertaken over 8 yearsin the US – researchers assessed the association between exercise capacity and all-cause mortality in 5314 males aged 65 to 92 years

The results showed that unfit individuals, who improved their exercise capacity over the 8 year period of the study, had a 35% lower risk of death compared with those who remained physically unfit.

This study is important because given that the populations of Australia & the US are rapidly ageing, to increase the health of the populace and reduce the morbidity rate would only require a moderate increase in fitness levels and, they stressed, that such fitness levels can be achieved with just 20 to 40 minutes of brisk (for the age group) daily exercise.

Does Exercise really improve the quality of life?

As we all know, exercise not only improves your overall health, but quality of life is also drastically improved. Happier, Healthier people leading more active, fruitful, meaningful enjoyable lives with less pain and less illness – why wouldn’t you want that?

We’ve all seen pictures of nursing homes, with bored occupants just waiting their turn to ‘shuffle off this mortal coil” – how much more enjoyable could their lives be with better health and a more active lifestyle and and a happier mindset?

Exercise, though essential, is not the only Key to Great Health!

We all know, you are what you eat – Food is the fuel you run on and its the quality of that fuel that could make the difference!

By combining exercise with some real depression buster foods, you could go one step further to ridding yourself of depression – at the very least, you can lift your moods by choosing certain types of foods.

Depression Busting Foods

Yes, there are really such things  as “Depression Busting Foods” and its good to know that by making some conscious choices, we can influence our moods and maybe lift that black dog off our shoulders once and for all!

This article not only lists the foods, but also the ingredients and why they will help …


If one checks the ingredients of Aloe Vera (ingredients listed here, just click on the Benefits of Aloe Vera tab)  www.aloelife.com.au/60047 and you can recognize why it works as it combines so many of these helpful amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements all in the one, easy to take drink .. it makes good sense to take it regularly. You can get onboard with the very best, pure inner leaf gel Australian Aloe Vera Juice right here .. and also read about 10 other Great reasons you should be drinking it! … www.aloelife.com.au/60047


Where to Start to Improve Your Health?

There are many things you can do to enjoy better health – small incremental changes that, over time, can make an enormous combined difference.

Rome wasnt built in a day; One person cant make a difference; Its too hard, too confusing.  Well, yes, all in one go can be very daunting, unless you are on a life changing quest and can focus all your energy into understanding what changes you could make and why and giving it your undivided attention.

Most of us dont have that luxury. For most of us, time is the enemy .. however, a few minutes knowledge,  gained and actioned one a time,  over a lifetime can build up to an enormous fount of information and change.

But what knowledge and how do I find it?

These days, there is no excuse for not knowing .. the internet has every book every printed at your fingertips, practically every piece of knowledge unearthed over eons is now ready and waiting for you to learn.

Never before, in the history of man, has so much information been so immediately and cheaply available.

However, do be a bit discerning.

Not all information is created equal.

Not all websites or businesses are ethical and true.

Not all products will fulfill the many claims made for them.

Not all information comes from an unbiased source.

So, how can you know?

Most websites will carry references to the source of their material.

Take the time and follow the links.

Who said it? What do they have to gain? Are they being paid by someone to dispel certain information? Is the study flawed or biased? Was it a big study done over time and were all things taken into consideration or was it a small biased study using a hand picked chosen few? Who paid for the study and what do they have to gain by releasing “only part” of the findings?

This information too is out there .. You have to search for it and follow where it leads, build some trust with some writers, authors and referees. Make up your mind who you can trust and believe. Are they open and honest about their dealings with you? Do they too reference and source their material? What do they have to gain by putting up the information you seek – are they open and honest about that?

Most websites do have a purpose.  Most websites are there to inform. Most websites are there as a business, ethical or otherwise.  Trust your instincts and go with those you believe and trust, but make it a point not to take everything at face value – over time you will work out what is what.  Who is consistently giving you useful, logical and correct information?

Every Website will have a bias. Even this one!

I have a bias towards all things natural; true and ethical dealings,; right information,  remedies that have been proven in homes by mothers and in healing centres. I tend to lean away from “mainstream medicine” because I prefer natural, alternative remedies. Most remedies, even mainstream ones, originated from plants and I believe this is still the best way to sort out the body and get it functioning well. However, I lean away from synthetic reproductions of naturally occurring, beneficial plant extracts, tinctures and ingredients.  I believe that there is a plant, a vegetable or a herb or fruit or combination’s of these that will, over time assist the body to rid itself of most of our physical and a lot of our emotional complaints too..

Water, exercise and sunshine (yes, good old sunshine is back on the menu once again! www.naturalnews.com/rr-sunlight.html) will do the rest. Adjustments in lifestyle will also go a long way to remedy most ills.  Give the body what it needs and it will always, even up to its last breath, try and heal itself. Thats what it does.  If we can supply the right ingredients, make healthier lifestyle choices and beef up positive, happier attitudes, we would all be leading happier, healthier, more vibrant lives.

Its all out there for you to find and to decide what is good and true for yourself.

To start you on your journey, I have included here some websites and businesses I trust,  for good information and great products. .. and yes, I do have an interest in your good health and by promoting some of these products, I may make a commission … sincerely .. Liz Sheridan (BzzyLzzy)

This is “The Health Ranger” site,  4 great info on all sorts of topics pertaining to health. www.naturalnews.com

Don Tolman, the Wholefood Medicine Man (ancient wisdom for our health) www.dontolman.com

You may have noticed my belief in Aloe Vera as one of the leading natural health juices of all time (yes, even the Pharaoh’s and Cleopatra used it!) Here is a great link outlining its numerous, proven health giving properties

Mike Adams, a very enthusiastic user of the Aloe Vera Plant – read right down the left hand column. http://wp.me/pB2aK-1H

Information to read and Drs recommendations – Scroll down to “What Doctors are saying about Aloe”


Aloe Juice and your health – no hype, just the facts. Ingredients listed – Click on the benefits of Aloe Vera Tab. www.aloelife.com.au/60047

Information on growing Aloe Vera and its properties.  http://skincare-dynamics.promastore.com.au/ProductMoreInfo/tabidi/1469/ID/4501/Menu/ID/1379/Default.aspx

There are so many sites out there guys .. I will put up more  another day.

As always, if you have any health concerns, consult your Dr or Health Practitioner.

Depression can be overwhelming and can lead to desperation if you cant see a way out.

Perhaps it’s your work or home situation or a combination of these that are really bumming you out and dragging you down.

Perhaps its just the house, or the garden or your wardrobe or the state of your finances. .. whatever it is … it probably  seems huge to you and insurmountable, however, taking charge and taking action will help to alleviate the frustration that can build into depression.

Whatever the cause, taking positive action, about anything, is helpful.

Finding your passion, is super helpful!

If you can find something that takes your mind off YOU – then you have taken a giant step in the right direction.

Depression is a very self centred thing.

Here are several things that maybe could help you … as they have helped me.

Perhaps you need to

1) Be inspired by something specific

2) Find some direction

3) Know where to start

All of which you can find at seminars, which is great! .. You dont know whats out there til you get out there if you know what I mean. There are plenty of free and paid ones around .. get yourself along to anything that sounds even remotely interesting. Doing something different is a great tonic .. being interested in something is also an important key to keeping depression at bay.

But being time poor myself  (I’m a full time carer for my mother-in-law, who is 100 – who has her own daily challenges herself ) getting away to a seminar, especially to take time off from work and also missing out on your paypacket, may not be the best option for you – especially if you are depressed – it can be enormously hard to make the effort to drag yourself anywhere .. but, it is a very good idea!

However, if you find that too hard right now, there is something you can do, by yourself, at home or anywhere you have some quiet time, with a big notepad and pencil. Its something that is always hugely helpful to change my mood.

To make some changes and improve your situation, you need a plan or a roadmap,  this is a tried and true method that I (and many others) have found useful.

Make some Lists!

Allow yourself plenty of space on the page and between ideas, so that you can write in other ideas as they pop into your head.

What you are Interested in

Firstly, write down everything that comes into your head, no judgement – you may want to make some changes around the house, start a business venture or rejuvenate your present business, you might want to try some charity or volounteer work or simply find a way to make a few more dollars.  Keep this list for future reference.

The Second list, write down your Passions – whatever they are!

What could you really get on your high horse about? What could you rant and rave about? Maybe theres something you want to change or improve? A cause you’d like to help or be a part of? Maybe a new hobby – what could you really spend hours and hours doing? What truly inspires you? (Some of these will naturally overlap from the first list – put them down anyway)

The Third list, Write down everything You are Good at

There would be many things you are good at, so dont judge yourself here .. put them all on down paper – even if you don’t think they are significant.

Then you take the 3 lists and find whats common to them all …put a big circle around anything that has commonality.

Then pick out each idea, one at a time – and Do a Mind Map for each of them. (You will probably find that you will stop at one or two at most!)

Mind Mapping

Put the central idea in the middle (of course!) and then associate all the ideas that come up with that idea .. everything that springs to mind. Each idea that comes up should be written in its own circle and linked to the main idea that spawned it. Then say to yourself, if I want to do that, then I need to do this first – and before I can do that, I should really do this first …  and link up every step that has to do with that idea .. Sometimes several circles will link to each other and maybe to other ideas as well.

What you should have, for each idea is a starting point.

What you should find at the end, is a passion going in a definite direction and hopefully, a starting point and a step by step plan to get it happening.

Then perhaps you could spend some time either researching it on the web for yourself, or finding the right teacher / mentor or course that could fast track it for you ..

Good luck to you all ….  the world is a wonderful place if we are open to the opportunities that are out there .. don’t stay locked in your prison one minute more than you have to ..

Get out there in the big world and create something you can be passionate about .. only you can do what you are capable of, and nobody else on the planet may be able to do it  but you! ..You have a destiny that is yours and yours alone to create.

Your mind is free to roam, create and to be free even if your body isn’t .. get outside yourself and think big!

Being depressed causes inner thinking and its all about you!

Take your mind off yourself and get involved in something. Hard as it may seem, it is one of the best ways to beat the blues! You may discover a whole new meaning to your life and you will meet some new and interesting people along the way who may share your passions too.

I am a great believer that creating something and/or being passionate or excited about something will always help to keep the dark side at bay. …  Liz

Written on the 8th of December 2009 by Don Tolman

Taking a Closer Look at “Natural” Foods

If you could bite down on a crispy, crunchy potato chip that was “natural”, tasted great and totally good for you, you’d probably buy it, right?

Makers of potato chips, corn chips, pancake mixes, frozen waffles, frosted breakfast cereals, ice cream and other taste tempters think so too. That’s why the word ”natural” appears so frequently on food packages these days. Marketing experts know that, for many consumers, “natural” equals “healthy”, and “healthy” sells.

In fact, the word ”natural” on a food package means next to nothing because ”natural” has no meaning in law or regulation. For these reasons, the use of ”natural” on food products all too often detracts attention from more important considerations.

“Natural” and “Organic” may even be misleading if it implies that the product is free of chemical additives (often not the case) or that competitors’ products are “un-natural” and therefore bad for you.

Almost all foods today are processed in some way, and unless you are able to buy exclusively from a farmers’ market or grow your own fruits and vegetables, much of what you eat have seen the inside of a lab, factory or high-tech warehouse. Food science has become so sophisticated that it can be difficult to know where natural and organic ends and unnatural and organic begins.

There are breakfast cereals made from organically grown wheat with raisins made from organically grown grapes. But the cereal itself can have lots of preservatives. Or it may contain lots of added aluminized salt and processed sugar which are ”natural,” but in the quantities that you find in breakfast cereals, they’re not healthful and can be very harmful. Even natural and organic foods require some degree of processing. “Is it organic? Is it natural? Well, NO.” Not if natural in this case means: “the way nature made it”.

When it comes to shopping for items in the fresh fruit and vegetable aisles, be aware that the nutritional content can vary considerably from store to store. A good question is, how long ago were they picked? You never know for sure how long fruits and vegetables have been on the shelf or even on the truck in the warehouse.

Fruits and vegetables loose nutritional value over time. If they are fresh when you bring them home be sure to eat them within 3 or 4 days of purchase or they will have lost so much of the nutritional value you’d be better off buying frozen.

So what’s my recommendation? Wherever possible, buy organic, locally grown produce that has recently been picked. It’s best not to buy produce that has been transported, stored and refrigerated for days and weeks on end, even if it does carry an “organic” label. First and foremost, I always choose fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables and enjoy them within the first few days of taking them home.


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Keeping it Simple, Sweetheart!

A healthy weight is tantamount to a healthy life.

We cannot split the two, we cannot be “overweight” and be truly healthy. Some of us will always be “bigger” than those with a small, or leaner frame. Genetically, we are all different, we look different, we have different lifestyles, we eat differently and we weigh different amounts, and thats as it should be. We should aspire then, to be a “healthy” weight for our frame and our height.

We need to keep “Being Healthy” as simple as possible. We need to de-hype and de-bunk and just plain ignore some of the technical and time-consuming “dieting” information out there and keep it simple.

We need to use the K.I.S.S method!

Keep it simple,sweetheart.

We know that if we overeat, we will gain weight and eventually, or maybe already, we will become overweight or obese.

We know that if we eat less, we will eventually shed some pounds and become a little more lean. Over time, we will gradually attain a weight that is a more “normal” weight for someone of our age, our height and our framesize.

We also know that our food choices influence our weight, we know that, its part of our daily knowledge intake, we know, there’s no escaping it, WE DO KNOW.

We also know basically, what is a healthy food choice and whats not. Its not always that simple, but basically, we know that food choices, higher in vegetable and fruit content will be better for us.

We know that if its not loaded with sugar, salt and fat, it will be better for us.

We know that if it has unrecognizable ingredients, strange numbers, artificial additives, colourings, flavourings and preservatives, that its not good for us.

So, to keep our choices simple then, what can we do?

Start simple and stay simple.

Become more aware of the foods you are eating. If a food still looks as it was when it grew, so long as its not swimming in added sugar, salt and cream, then usually, its good to eat.

We know that fresh is best.

If it is processed and is not recognizable within the dish, if it comes highly salted (and usually highly sugared at the same time!) then its not good.

If it is cooked in fat – and that means any fat – then its not good.

If it is packaged & made from white products, ie, white bread, white sugars, creamy white sauces, its not good. (Do you know that in most creamy or white soups, noodles, gravies, sauces etc that are canned or dried in a packet there is an ingredient often called “dairy whitener” or sometimes its called “free flowing agent” which is added – Well, that is actually made from Aluminium – and we know thats not good)

(There are all sorts of additives that we should avoid, and I will put up links to these another time)

We also know that if we move more, get more exercise, become more active, then we will be, not only a healthier weight, but our organs will be healthier and function better, we will have stronger bones and muscles, we will look better and feel better.

We dont have to have expensive Gym memberships to achieve this.

Incorporate a 15 minute walk into your day, even if its just around the back yard. Good for your body and your mind. Do 15 minutes of exercise, stretching is great, twice a day and you will see and feel the benefits quite quickly.

Drink More Water.

Stop drinking cool drink / soda pop / fruit drinks. Not only are they massively contributing to your overall calorie intake, their ingredients are actively doing damage to your body.

Stay away from anything Artificially Sweetened, (unless its sweetened with Stevia – a natural plant sweetener)

Lets Put it all Together Now

Eat more slowly, chew your food consciously and enjoy your meal. Use a smaller plate. You may need to eat 4 times a day using this method, but if your food choices are better, then you will still lose weight. It will actually ramp up your metabolism.

Make better food choices. Keep it simple, prepare your own meals and know exactly whats in them. Keep packaged foods off the menu if you can. Keep fats and sugars to a minimum. Less salt will automatically follow. If foods aren’t fried, they wont need a layer of salt to hide the fatty taste.

Eat more vegetables and vary the colours and textures, they all have something different to offer in the way of nutritional benefits and fiber. Incorporate a few new ones into your menu and you cant go wrong. Variety is the spice of life.

Keep products made from white flours and processed foods off the menu. Breads and pastries are empty calories, will spike your insulin and cause you to want to eat more. White rice will do the same and is a waste of time nutritionally.

Dont go overboard with fruit either – Giving up white breads and pastries, biscuits etc may cause you to “crave sugar” if your intestinal flora is out of whack (candida or yeast infection may be present) Fruit contains natural fruit sugars called fructose, which can still upset your metabolism and spike your insulin levels, so stick to 2 – 3 pieces a day, not more.

Dont go hungry – this may lead to uncontrollable eating – but don”t stuff your face either. Learn to stop just before you are “full” If you are hungry, eat your meal a little earlier or choose something sensible, like your fruit or an unsweetened yoghurt.

Move More.

Movement is life! .. Incorporate 2 /15 minute sessions a day, take the stairs, start a stretching routine, walk for 15 minutes. Get a video off YouTube and move along with it. Workout to the wiggles when watching TV with your kids. Walk around the outside of the shopping centre when you go out or if thats not practical, march straight down to the other end of the centre and back before starting your shopping. Walk around the back yard ten times a couple of times a day. Get yourself a totem tennis set, play with the kids, your hubby, or just by yourself.

There are a lot of ways to sneakily introduce more exercise and movement into your day, without making a big deal of it.

Dont forget to drink more plain water. It’ll improve your bowel movements, freshen up your skin and enliven your entire system. You may even get rid of your headaches if you reach for the water first.

The Law of Attraction!

Some more positives we should look at:

Attitude is one.

Your Attitude determines your Altitude! .. Anon.

This quote is anonymous, but I have heard it so often from one man I truly admire, Mr Val Fittler, that I always attribute this saying to him.

Mr Fittler, 25 years ago began a family business in Australia based on the philosophy:

“We believe in people and their dreams, and in their unlimited potential to achieve them” and also: “To uplift, inspire and encourage people from all walks of life, to lead more worthwhile and meaningful lives”

Could there ever be a better business (and life!) philosophy?

Mr Fittler’s attitude to his business, his work and his personal life are quite inspiring to me. Over the many years I have been associated with him and have attended many trainings with him, I feel I have gotten to know him and his lovely family quite well. He has often been head of the DSA (Direct Selling Association) of Australia and is a renowned public speaker.

“Your Attitude determines Your Altitude” is a favourite quote, and one he really aspires to.

For a long time, I didnt understand this quote .. then, surprisingly, as my attitude became more positive, it really began to make clear sense to me.

I truly believe, that when you are ready to take a step on whichever road you are travelling, the teacher will always appear.

So, practically then, you must decide and begin your journey yourself .. then so much information (which you may have been quite *blind* to) will suddenly *appear* on your radar. The law of attraction is at it again!

You will attract into your life, that which you think about.

Your mental and emotional health is also dependent upon your attitude.

“A great attitude does much more than turn on the lights in our worlds; it seems to magically connect us to all sorts of serendipitous opportunities that were somehow absent before the change.”

Earl Nightingale

Take Charge of your Health!

I lost a lovely friend this week .. She was an interesting, funny, intelligent, big hearted clever lady who was always there to listen, whether you were just chatting or having a whinge (it made no difference to her) She was there for you.

I miss Avie already. When my own Mum died 4 years ago, Avril kinda took her place in my heart .. now there is just a big empty space.

Avril was a smoker .. had been since she was a teenager during the war. She thought, much like my Mum did, that although smoking was bad for them  “I know that” – they’d both admit, but because they hadn”t had any ill effects up to now they thought probably they weren’t going to  ..

Avril had a bad heart attack 4 years ago .. and seemed to have “recovered” .. she gave up smoking, for a while. But I think she started again once she thought the immediate danger was over.

She died from Cancer of the lungs which spread horrifyingly quickly. She had no chance to do anything once it was discovered. She was just 69, with many plans and hopes and dreams unfulfilled.

Mum had PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease) which mainly affected her liver. Mum hardly ever drank water. “I get plenty of water with my tea” she’d say. Even when we came to Australia, she wouldnt change her ways, though I would often encourage her to do so.

Mums PKD got worse as she hit her late 60’s. She’d had several “attacks” down in Pemberton .. where she recovered by herself, drinking only lemon juice and.. you guessed it, water! As soon as she felt well enough, she’d be back onto her never ending cup of tea. She also continued to smoke.

She thought because she could still go for a decent walk and do a days work, that she was fine .. Why didnt she just continue on with the lemon juice and the water? Such a simple thing to incorporate into her daily life .. She could have also given up smoking then .. It would have made such a difference. She did eventually give up smoking (but too late) yet did nothing pro-active to try and improve her health.

Once, when she was in hospital she said to me “I should have listened to you Lizzy – and drank more water” .. it made me sad to hear her say it .. I should have been more forceful, more persuasive.

PKD is a genetic disease, however, we now know that genes can be switched off and on by certain things ..

Smoking detroys the body’s innate health and its ability to take care of itself, and would have most certainly contributed to her decline. Drinking more water would probably have given her a longer healthier life. We all know that Water is the “River of Life”

She also died with unfulfilled ambition, hopes and dreams.

Such a waste of two wonderful people ..

You are responsible for your Health .. not the Drs, or your mother, or your wives or partners .. You! .. and you will wear the consequences, good or bad!

At the very least, there are two things you can do –

Walk Daily

Drink Water, Lots of it! (Adding fresh lemon juice is great too!)

One thing you shouldnt do, Do Not Smoke!

What else can you do to improve your health?

Inner Leaf Aloe Vera juice & a high quality Vit C are two supplements you can take that can assist your body to “re-balance and to normalize”  itself. If you take nothing else, these give you an wonderful, easy to digest, nutritional boost and will help enormously, no matter what your problem is.

If you live in Australia, you can get them here http://skincare-dynamics.promastore.com.au/aloejuice

(If you live elsewhere, send a comment and I will tell you where you can find Pure Inner Leaf Aloe Vera Juice and High Quality Vitamin C in your country)

If you already have disease, they will support your body and help it to heal itself and they will also lessen the pain and symptoms. It doesnt matter what your problem is – They work .. they just do. They are both natural anti-inflamatories and will not cause further problems by taking them. By all means, check with your Dr, but do something Pro-Active for yourself, now!