“Do or Do Not. There is no Try” Yoda


Just had the first training webinar this morning, with Don Tolman and his son, Tyler .. amazing, this is so exciting, simple remedies and simple truths .. I have always thought there would be a simple way to health. (Not necessarily an EASY way) Why else would we be made the way we are?

We are meant to live long, healthy, happy, stressless lives .. we just go about it a bit skewiff at times.

Foods and what we intake has always been the key and basically, we all know that.

“We are what we eat” is not just a phrase to be casually bandied about, but we should take it to heart and really learn what it means… and be totally aware of it.

I love that we are learning this great stuff, not just in the online learning centre, but to hear it directly from Don and Tyler in a conversational type setting, with Questions coming in re peoples health and the simple remedies they can use. Don doesnt even have to really think about it – he just knows! He also (very simply) goes into the reasons for it too.

I’d forgotten about Hydrogen Peroxide and using it for earache and infections . and to hear that we can use it on our teeth and gums too .. thats great! and the most amazing thing of all, Salt! I will go into Salt and its uses another day, suffice to say, it is really great to know this stuff.

I hope we have more webinars like that. worth getting up at 5.30 for .. eeek! I have never been an early riser, but it was so lovely this morning, the air felt so fresh as it was before the heat started to come in.

I think I became a night person just to preserve my sanity .. There was always so much to do with the children, every evening after they’d gone to bed was my time. When I could get things done that I hadnt been able to get to during the day, the sewing, washing or the ironing or just my time for some peace and quiet. The kids were all early risers (til they hit their teens – what happens then??) so the mornings were never peaceful but full of so much going on, I would just let them have that time .. and get up after the main hubub to check clothes, lunches and the days affairs (or to referee as the case may be!)

Well, I loved the webinar, but time was so short today, I need to try and put more into my online learning from Don’s Academy – everything I need to know and have a hunger to know is just there, I need only to look

My New Years Resolution (starting from today) “Do or Do Not. There is no Try” Yoda


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