Who am I and where am I at now?


When I was 17, I decided that I would like to become a nurse. I’d already had a taste of it because I’d worked in Old Peoples Homes for a couple of years since I was just 15.(C class hospitals they were called then ) It was my first job.

I remember going to Perth for the interview and passing whatever criteria was required, then having to get my teeth all fixed up before beginning the course (as it would be all paid for once I began nursing) Then I had to have a complete physical, which was fine. I was given the all clear and I had my start date, which was the end of May.

Just a week before I was due to take to the wards, I discovered I was expecting, so I decided that maybe I had a higher calling and never began that career. Now I know that I would have made a miserable nurse – I would’ve not have been able to hold my tongue for long and would’ve been constantly reprimanded for putting the patient first and arguing with the Drs!

Today, I no longer suffer with wind, digestive stomach complaints or any other aches n pains as before. My hearing, always way below “normal” as a child, now @ 56, is the best its ever been .. Did I mention the Tinnitus? Well, that’s gone too.

This is all due to my own investigative learnings, observations and readings and the changes I have made to my diet over time.

I also take a few amazing supplements and I drink High quality Aloe Vera Juice .. I have had some wondrous improvements not only for my health, but for Nans too – Nan is quite well for her age (and for her history! – but thats a whole new story!)

My remaining health challenges are:

My weight – I’ve been “overweight” since I was 7!

Varicose veins (inherited from both parents, but thats its own story!)

Depression – I am always on alert to keep “the dark side” at bay!

The odd severe headache .. ( I think they are emotional and stress induced)… but I’m working on them!

So, now you have the best and the worst of me! .. I will let you know how I go as this story unfolds and my learning with the amazing Don Tolman begins in earnest


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