Make some Healthier Choices


Where to Start to Improve Your Health?

There are many things you can do to enjoy better health – small incremental changes that, over time, can make an enormous combined difference.

Rome wasnt built in a day; One person cant make a difference; Its too hard, too confusing.  Well, yes, all in one go can be very daunting, unless you are on a life changing quest and can focus all your energy into understanding what changes you could make and why and giving it your undivided attention.

Most of us dont have that luxury. For most of us, time is the enemy .. however, a few minutes knowledge,  gained and actioned one a time,  over a lifetime can build up to an enormous fount of information and change.

But what knowledge and how do I find it?

These days, there is no excuse for not knowing .. the internet has every book every printed at your fingertips, practically every piece of knowledge unearthed over eons is now ready and waiting for you to learn.

Never before, in the history of man, has so much information been so immediately and cheaply available.

However, do be a bit discerning.

Not all information is created equal.

Not all websites or businesses are ethical and true.

Not all products will fulfill the many claims made for them.

Not all information comes from an unbiased source.

So, how can you know?

Most websites will carry references to the source of their material.

Take the time and follow the links.

Who said it? What do they have to gain? Are they being paid by someone to dispel certain information? Is the study flawed or biased? Was it a big study done over time and were all things taken into consideration or was it a small biased study using a hand picked chosen few? Who paid for the study and what do they have to gain by releasing “only part” of the findings?

This information too is out there .. You have to search for it and follow where it leads, build some trust with some writers, authors and referees. Make up your mind who you can trust and believe. Are they open and honest about their dealings with you? Do they too reference and source their material? What do they have to gain by putting up the information you seek – are they open and honest about that?

Most websites do have a purpose.  Most websites are there to inform. Most websites are there as a business, ethical or otherwise.  Trust your instincts and go with those you believe and trust, but make it a point not to take everything at face value – over time you will work out what is what.  Who is consistently giving you useful, logical and correct information?

Every Website will have a bias. Even this one!

I have a bias towards all things natural; true and ethical dealings,; right information,  remedies that have been proven in homes by mothers and in healing centres. I tend to lean away from “mainstream medicine” because I prefer natural, alternative remedies. Most remedies, even mainstream ones, originated from plants and I believe this is still the best way to sort out the body and get it functioning well. However, I lean away from synthetic reproductions of naturally occurring, beneficial plant extracts, tinctures and ingredients.  I believe that there is a plant, a vegetable or a herb or fruit or combination’s of these that will, over time assist the body to rid itself of most of our physical and a lot of our emotional complaints too..

Water, exercise and sunshine (yes, good old sunshine is back on the menu once again! will do the rest. Adjustments in lifestyle will also go a long way to remedy most ills.  Give the body what it needs and it will always, even up to its last breath, try and heal itself. Thats what it does.  If we can supply the right ingredients, make healthier lifestyle choices and beef up positive, happier attitudes, we would all be leading happier, healthier, more vibrant lives.

Its all out there for you to find and to decide what is good and true for yourself.

To start you on your journey, I have included here some websites and businesses I trust,  for good information and great products. .. and yes, I do have an interest in your good health and by promoting some of these products, I may make a commission … sincerely .. Liz Sheridan (BzzyLzzy)

This is “The Health Ranger” site,  4 great info on all sorts of topics pertaining to health.

Don Tolman, the Wholefood Medicine Man (ancient wisdom for our health)

You may have noticed my belief in Aloe Vera as one of the leading natural health juices of all time (yes, even the Pharaoh’s and Cleopatra used it!) Here is a great link outlining its numerous, proven health giving properties

Mike Adams, a very enthusiastic user of the Aloe Vera Plant – read right down the left hand column.

Information to read and Drs recommendations – Scroll down to “What Doctors are saying about Aloe”

Aloe Juice and your health – no hype, just the facts. Ingredients listed – Click on the benefits of Aloe Vera Tab.

Information on growing Aloe Vera and its properties.

There are so many sites out there guys .. I will put up more  another day.

As always, if you have any health concerns, consult your Dr or Health Practitioner.


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