Can exercise really help you live longer and lift depression?


Exercise really can help you live a longer, more enjoyable life!

There is abundant evidence to support this.

This was the results of a study done on a large group of our “more senior” members of society. In this study, undertaken over 8 yearsin the US – researchers assessed the association between exercise capacity and all-cause mortality in 5314 males aged 65 to 92 years

The results showed that unfit individuals, who improved their exercise capacity over the 8 year period of the study, had a 35% lower risk of death compared with those who remained physically unfit.

This study is important because given that the populations of Australia & the US are rapidly ageing, to increase the health of the populace and reduce the morbidity rate would only require a moderate increase in fitness levels and, they stressed, that such fitness levels can be achieved with just 20 to 40 minutes of brisk (for the age group) daily exercise.

Does Exercise really improve the quality of life?

As we all know, exercise not only improves your overall health, but quality of life is also drastically improved. Happier, Healthier people leading more active, fruitful, meaningful enjoyable lives with less pain and less illness – why wouldn’t you want that?

We’ve all seen pictures of nursing homes, with bored occupants just waiting their turn to ‘shuffle off this mortal coil” – how much more enjoyable could their lives be with better health and a more active lifestyle and and a happier mindset?

Exercise, though essential, is not the only Key to Great Health!

We all know, you are what you eat – Food is the fuel you run on and its the quality of that fuel that could make the difference!

By combining exercise with some real depression buster foods, you could go one step further to ridding yourself of depression – at the very least, you can lift your moods by choosing certain types of foods.

Depression Busting Foods

Yes, there are really such things  as “Depression Busting Foods” and its good to know that by making some conscious choices, we can influence our moods and maybe lift that black dog off our shoulders once and for all!

This article not only lists the foods, but also the ingredients and why they will help …

If one checks the ingredients of Aloe Vera (ingredients listed here, just click on the Benefits of Aloe Vera tab) and you can recognize why it works as it combines so many of these helpful amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements all in the one, easy to take drink .. it makes good sense to take it regularly. You can get onboard with the very best, pure inner leaf gel Australian Aloe Vera Juice right here .. and also read about 10 other Great reasons you should be drinking it! …


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