Keeping it Simple, Sweetheart!

A healthy weight is tantamount to a healthy life.

We cannot split the two, we cannot be “overweight” and be truly healthy. Some of us will always be “bigger” than those with a small, or leaner frame. Genetically, we are all different, we look different, we have different lifestyles, we eat differently and we weigh different amounts, and thats as it should be. We should aspire then, to be a “healthy” weight for our frame and our height.

We need to keep “Being Healthy” as simple as possible. We need to de-hype and de-bunk and just plain ignore some of the technical and time-consuming “dieting” information out there and keep it simple.

We need to use the K.I.S.S method!

Keep it simple,sweetheart.

We know that if we overeat, we will gain weight and eventually, or maybe already, we will become overweight or obese.

We know that if we eat less, we will eventually shed some pounds and become a little more lean. Over time, we will gradually attain a weight that is a more “normal” weight for someone of our age, our height and our framesize.

We also know that our food choices influence our weight, we know that, its part of our daily knowledge intake, we know, there’s no escaping it, WE DO KNOW.

We also know basically, what is a healthy food choice and whats not. Its not always that simple, but basically, we know that food choices, higher in vegetable and fruit content will be better for us.

We know that if its not loaded with sugar, salt and fat, it will be better for us.

We know that if it has unrecognizable ingredients, strange numbers, artificial additives, colourings, flavourings and preservatives, that its not good for us.

So, to keep our choices simple then, what can we do?

Start simple and stay simple.

Become more aware of the foods you are eating. If a food still looks as it was when it grew, so long as its not swimming in added sugar, salt and cream, then usually, its good to eat.

We know that fresh is best.

If it is processed and is not recognizable within the dish, if it comes highly salted (and usually highly sugared at the same time!) then its not good.

If it is cooked in fat – and that means any fat – then its not good.

If it is packaged & made from white products, ie, white bread, white sugars, creamy white sauces, its not good. (Do you know that in most creamy or white soups, noodles, gravies, sauces etc that are canned or dried in a packet there is an ingredient often called “dairy whitener” or sometimes its called “free flowing agent” which is added – Well, that is actually made from Aluminium – and we know thats not good)

(There are all sorts of additives that we should avoid, and I will put up links to these another time)

We also know that if we move more, get more exercise, become more active, then we will be, not only a healthier weight, but our organs will be healthier and function better, we will have stronger bones and muscles, we will look better and feel better.

We dont have to have expensive Gym memberships to achieve this.

Incorporate a 15 minute walk into your day, even if its just around the back yard. Good for your body and your mind. Do 15 minutes of exercise, stretching is great, twice a day and you will see and feel the benefits quite quickly.

Drink More Water.

Stop drinking cool drink / soda pop / fruit drinks. Not only are they massively contributing to your overall calorie intake, their ingredients are actively doing damage to your body.

Stay away from anything Artificially Sweetened, (unless its sweetened with Stevia – a natural plant sweetener)

Lets Put it all Together Now

Eat more slowly, chew your food consciously and enjoy your meal. Use a smaller plate. You may need to eat 4 times a day using this method, but if your food choices are better, then you will still lose weight. It will actually ramp up your metabolism.

Make better food choices. Keep it simple, prepare your own meals and know exactly whats in them. Keep packaged foods off the menu if you can. Keep fats and sugars to a minimum. Less salt will automatically follow. If foods aren’t fried, they wont need a layer of salt to hide the fatty taste.

Eat more vegetables and vary the colours and textures, they all have something different to offer in the way of nutritional benefits and fiber. Incorporate a few new ones into your menu and you cant go wrong. Variety is the spice of life.

Keep products made from white flours and processed foods off the menu. Breads and pastries are empty calories, will spike your insulin and cause you to want to eat more. White rice will do the same and is a waste of time nutritionally.

Dont go overboard with fruit either – Giving up white breads and pastries, biscuits etc may cause you to “crave sugar” if your intestinal flora is out of whack (candida or yeast infection may be present) Fruit contains natural fruit sugars called fructose, which can still upset your metabolism and spike your insulin levels, so stick to 2 – 3 pieces a day, not more.

Dont go hungry – this may lead to uncontrollable eating – but don”t stuff your face either. Learn to stop just before you are “full” If you are hungry, eat your meal a little earlier or choose something sensible, like your fruit or an unsweetened yoghurt.

Move More.

Movement is life! .. Incorporate 2 /15 minute sessions a day, take the stairs, start a stretching routine, walk for 15 minutes. Get a video off YouTube and move along with it. Workout to the wiggles when watching TV with your kids. Walk around the outside of the shopping centre when you go out or if thats not practical, march straight down to the other end of the centre and back before starting your shopping. Walk around the back yard ten times a couple of times a day. Get yourself a totem tennis set, play with the kids, your hubby, or just by yourself.

There are a lot of ways to sneakily introduce more exercise and movement into your day, without making a big deal of it.

Dont forget to drink more plain water. It’ll improve your bowel movements, freshen up your skin and enliven your entire system. You may even get rid of your headaches if you reach for the water first.