The Dark Side of Feeling Blue

Depression is horrible .. an insidious, sneaking black cloud that can creep up on you and envelop you without you really being aware of it.

Depression can destroy you and make you feel helpless, hopeless and lost … and unbelievably sad.

There is no joy, no fun, no colour and no light at the end of the tunnel

No-one else can see it, or feel it and it can sneakily take over your life before you are actually aware of it. Its a slippery slide into the muddy darkness below which is always there waiting to greet you.

Depression is a very lonely, empty, dark place.

A huge, quiet, desperate sadness takes over. Everything is hard, housework is hard .. you drag yourself around and eventually get it done, but it takes so much effort. Feeling tired, an inner hopeless tiredness, no energy or light at all. Sometimes I have felt like I am trudging around in mud up to my armpits after day.

My outward signs of being in depression? (rather than just depressed)

Not being able to deal with money (the bills pile up, but often dont get paid – its too hard, I dont have the energy or the brains left to deal with it)

Not going out / Avoiding people – any excuse to not have to make the effort. I will avoid it if I possibly can, anyway I can. I will go without things if it means I dont have to go out, if I dont have to face people.

Fears seem to grow larger, fear of people, fear of loss, fear of succeeding, fear of not being able to cope, fear of going out, fear of staying in, fear of being depressed again, fear of fear .. Nothing feels good or is good.

I stay home, I dont go out, I dont phone, or return calls, I dont speak with friends or family or even email much either .. I just back up into my safe little cocoon and dont leave it, if I can help it.

Then the personal neglect comes in and the spiral begins to deepen.

What are the Causes of Depression?

In my case, I believe its caused by lots of things, but most likely a combination of several things.

Genetic – your emotional makeup may make you more prone to it.

Situational – sometimes circumstances seem to stack up against you, doors may close, opportunities slip away, friends may leave, or die, jobs may not be working out. Partners or parents (and children) often dont understand and mostly dont see it happening, so support and understanding can disappear. Frustration that you arent getting anywhere .. in life, in your job or whatever.

Nurture – How you think. We generally deal with things as we see our parents deal with things. They are our first and most important role models, until we are old enough (and wise enough) to actively seek out other role models. Our attitudes are often influenced heavily by our parents, or by siblings or our closest friends

Diet – This isnt spoken about much as a *cause* of Depression, but I truly believe it has an unspoken, insidious hand in the way we are able to deal with (or not deal with well) *All of the Above*

When I say diet, it can be the foods you are eating, or the foods you are not eating, or just that your body isnt able to nourish itself properly from the foods you are supplying. There may be underlying reasons for that, but most likely, your digestion is not coping, is unable to work properly. This could be because of illness, diet or some kind of food allergy (that you may have had all your life, but that you are not really aware of ) It can change dramatically the way your body is able to uptake the nutrients it needs, or perhaps is unable to get rid of the wastes and byproducts that it doesnt need.

This can really upset the chemical balance of the brain .. which is where I believe the problem really lies ..

Depression is caused by a chemical imbalance.

I do not believe however (and this is for myself only – you need to make your own decisions based on your knowledge and that of your health practitioner) that the answer lies in taking a chemical to create a new kind of balance. That to me doesnt make sense .. it isnt fixing the problem, but (in my opinion) could well be creating its own ongoing set of problems.

For myself, I am looking at what I believe is the underlying cause.

My Digestion – Food allergies, bad bowel habits when I was younger, ongoing sickness & illnesses as a child, all suggest to me that my body had not been coping well.

I also believe that *I (and you!) are wonderously made* and that we are meant to function comfortably and easily and in good health. Its we who, for some reason (and there are many) have upset the balance!

It therefore stands to reason, that in many cases, and with some research and knowledge, we should be able to restore that balance for ourselves. Self Knowledge and Self Care is the key. No-one knows you like you (should) know you.

I have addressed my diet, I eat exceptionally well – Many & varied servings of vegetables (and I now grow a lot of my own) – I was a 5 – 7 serves a day girl way before it became the advertised thing to do! Free Range eggs from a friend (actually from her chooks!) who are free to roam in her organic pastures where there are  no sprays or pesticides and they can forage at will amongst her garden. I do occasionally buy a take-away meal, but not often. I really enjoy my dark chocoloate, but I dont make a habit out of it.  I do drink water (lots of it!) and drink green tea and enjoy the odd glass of wine here and there.

I have discovered that I am gluten intolerant, so apart from the odd slice here or there, I am bread & pastry free. Lactose intolerant, but I can handle cheeses (I dont know why either!) but I appear to have no problem with that.

So, I am addressing the problems as I see them

Aloe Vera Juice & Supplements

I also drink Aloe Vera Juice daily .. it is amazing the difference it makes to my clarity of thought, my energy level, but more importantly, how I feel .. its hard to explain, but it really seems to *lighten the load* I simply feel better and function better when I take it .. it obviously helps with my digestion, its great for easy regularity and makes for a fabulously comfortable gut!

The other supplements I take (and I never miss these) is a great multi-vitamin and a brilliant Vitamin C (which does wonders to help me cope with the stress in my life) By the way, not all Vitamin C is suitable

If you click here, you can learn more about Aloe Vera and what it does in the body ..

The info is there, but unfortunately, unless you live in Australia, I cannot send it to you at the moment. If you leave me a comment however, I can send you a link to where you can get it in your country.

If you’d like to understand a little more about your Brain Chemistry, this article is informative.


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