Feeling Trapped?

One of the reasons for depression, for me personally, is feeling trapped.

Its the feeling that I’m going nowhere, or getting nowhere with my life. That I am stagnant and not contributing. That I can do more and be worth more than what I feel I have or am doing at the moment. Its also the feeling of not knowing where to do from here. Not having a plan or a goal to work towards. That I will always be and have exactly what I have now – and in depression, despite all the reasons that it isnt true – you feel that you have nothing, are worth nothing, doing nothing worthwhile and will never have anyhing different to your life as it is, or as you feel it is, right now.

That’s just not True! But how do you change it?

Perhaps you need to

1) Be inspired by something specific

2) Find some direction

3) Know where to start

All of which you can find at seminars, which is great! .. You dont know whats out there til you get out there if you know what I mean. But can you get yourself to one, the way you are feeling right now? If you can, that fabulous – get out there and soak up some of that energy – the room will be filled with people searching and sending out great, positive vibes.

But being time poor myself (I’m a full time carer for my mother-in-law, who is 100 – who has her own daily challenges herself – and is quite inspirational to me) getting away to a seminar, especially to take time off from work and also missing out on your paypacket, may not be the best option for you at this time.

What you can do for yourself, right now,  with a big notepad and a pencil is something that I found most helpful to me.

Make some Lists.

Allow yourself plenty of space on the page and between ideas, so that you can write in other ideas as they pop into your head.

What you are Interested in Firstly, write down everything that comes into your head, no judgement – and keep this list for future reference.

The Second list, write down your Passions – whatever they are! What could you really get on your high horse about? What could you rant and rave about? What could you really spend hours and hours doing? What truly inspires you? (Some of these will naturally overlap from the first list – put them down anyway)

The Third List – Write down everything you are good at, or have an aptitude for – and there would be many things, so dont judge yourself here .. put it all on paper – even if you don’t think its significant.

Then you take the 3 lists and find whats common to them all …

Then pick out each idea, one at a time – and  Do a Mind Map for each of them. (You will probably find that you will stop at one or two at most!)

Put the central idea in the middle (of course!) and then associate all the ideas that come up with that idea .. everything that springs to mind. Then say to yourself,  if I want to do that, then I need to do this first – and before I can do that,  then first I have to do this  …  and link up everything that has to do with that idea ..

What you should find at the end, is a passion going in a definite direction, and hopefully, a starting point for you.

Then perhaps you could spend some time either researching it on the web for yourself, or finding the right teacher / mentor or course that could fast track it for you ..

Good luck to you all, the world is a wonderful place if we are open to the opportunities that are out there .. don’t stay locked in your prison too long .. your mind can be free to soar and begin to create that new life for you – it can open the door and show you the light (and there is one, there always is!)  .. Right now, yous mind can begin the process .. you have only to ask it and allow it … Liz


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