When I was 17, I decided that I would like to become a nurse. I’d already had a taste of it because I’d worked in Old Peoples Homes for a couple of years since I was just 15.(C class hospitals they were called then ) It was my first job.

I remember going to Perth for the interview and passing whatever criteria was required, then having to get my teeth all fixed up before beginning the course (as it would be all paid for once I began nursing) Then I had to have a complete physical, which was fine. I was given the all clear and I had my start date, which was the end of May.

Just a week before I was due to take to the wards, I discovered I was expecting, so I decided that maybe I had a higher calling and never began that career. Now I know that I would have made a miserable nurse – I would’ve not have been able to hold my tongue for long and would’ve been constantly reprimanded for putting the patient first and arguing with the Drs!

Today, I no longer suffer with wind, digestive stomach complaints or any other aches n pains as before. My hearing, always way below “normal” as a child, now @ 56, is the best its ever been .. Did I mention the Tinnitus? Well, that’s gone too.

This is all due to my own investigative learnings, observations and readings and the changes I have made to my diet over time.

I also take a few amazing supplements and I drink High quality Aloe Vera Juice .. I have had some wondrous improvements not only for my health, but for Nans too – Nan is quite well for her age (and for her history! – but thats a whole new story!)

My remaining health challenges are:

My weight – I’ve been “overweight” since I was 7!

Varicose veins (inherited from both parents, but thats its own story!)

Depression – I am always on alert to keep “the dark side” at bay!

The odd severe headache .. ( I think they are emotional and stress induced)… but I’m working on them!

So, now you have the best and the worst of me! .. I will let you know how I go as this story unfolds and my learning with the amazing Don Tolman begins in earnest


Just had the first training webinar this morning, with Don Tolman and his son, Tyler .. amazing, this is so exciting, simple remedies and simple truths .. I have always thought there would be a simple way to health. (Not necessarily an EASY way) Why else would we be made the way we are?

We are meant to live long, healthy, happy, stressless lives .. we just go about it a bit skewiff at times.

Foods and what we intake has always been the key and basically, we all know that.

“We are what we eat” is not just a phrase to be casually bandied about, but we should take it to heart and really learn what it means… and be totally aware of it.

I love that we are learning this great stuff, not just in the online learning centre, but to hear it directly from Don and Tyler in a conversational type setting, with Questions coming in re peoples health and the simple remedies they can use. Don doesnt even have to really think about it – he just knows! He also (very simply) goes into the reasons for it too.

I’d forgotten about Hydrogen Peroxide and using it for earache and infections . and to hear that we can use it on our teeth and gums too .. thats great! and the most amazing thing of all, Salt! I will go into Salt and its uses another day, suffice to say, it is really great to know this stuff.

I hope we have more webinars like that. worth getting up at 5.30 for .. eeek! I have never been an early riser, but it was so lovely this morning, the air felt so fresh as it was before the heat started to come in.

I think I became a night person just to preserve my sanity .. There was always so much to do with the children, every evening after they’d gone to bed was my time. When I could get things done that I hadnt been able to get to during the day, the sewing, washing or the ironing or just my time for some peace and quiet. The kids were all early risers (til they hit their teens – what happens then??) so the mornings were never peaceful but full of so much going on, I would just let them have that time .. and get up after the main hubub to check clothes, lunches and the days affairs (or to referee as the case may be!)

Well, I loved the webinar, but time was so short today, I need to try and put more into my online learning from Don’s Academy – everything I need to know and have a hunger to know is just there, I need only to look

My New Years Resolution (starting from today) “Do or Do Not. There is no Try” Yoda

When I was young


A Painful Childhood.

I can remember the earaches, which would continue sometimes for days, excruciating pain drilling thru the side of my head, relieved only when the eardrum could take no more and would burst, releasing a welcome foul, stinking green ooze – Welcome because it meant the earaches would stop for a while and I could be pain free & get a good nights sleep .. until the endless cycle began again.

I remember being so embarrassed as a kid because of having a constant, thick green runny nose that simply never went away (likely because of food / milk allergies, or diet) I can recall that it was suggested that the Australian climate might help clear it up .. and it did, eventually, when I was about 15.

Then there was the terrifying sharp pains in my heart which made it almost impossible to breathe properly for hours after any kind of exertion .. (I never did find out what was causing that ) ..We all walked several miles to school and back each day, so we should have been quite fit actually, but running around was always a problem for me.

I also had constant miserable pain for years in my calves as a child ..growing pains, Mum called them, but it didn’t make them feel any better.

Then there was the gut wrenching stomach spasms, violent and explosive wind  that would begin under my shoulder blades and spend the whole day (and half the night sometimes) painfully churning and gurgling its way down my back & thru my body until it reached its eventual and embarrassing natural *end*

This continued until I was well into my 20s, before I discovered I was lactose intolerant. These days, it would be almost the first thing I would think of, but back then, not much was known about such things.

I was also totally deaf for a year or so … funny really, because no-one really knew for a long time, not even myself .. I was about 8 or 9 I think and I only knew that I could not hear people speak unless I could see them speak .. I could lipread so well though that the Drs told Mum that I must have been completely deaf for at least a year …

I remember that the family would get quite exasperated when I wouldn’t answer them or I would turn and ask .. What? Or Aye?.. They almost gave up speaking to me as it was annoying for them, as I guess it would be. I know it was quite lonely at times.

But it wasn’t a miserable existence – far from it. We were a large (there were 8 of us children) warm, noisy, fiercely loyal, argumentative, sharing and caring, happy family. We were all *best friends*

In all fairness, it would probably be difficult amongst the never-ending work and noise of such a family, to pick up when one child had a problem. It didn’t really occur to me to complain much either, life was what it was and I knew no different. Aspirin was still relatively new on the market for pain relief and Mum would use it sparingly and only with the gravest misgivings – ½ a tablet for the worst earache. I don’t recall that it ever had much effect, but it was comforting to have a little extra attention and for my pain to actually be acknowledged.

Mum was, luckily for us, very wary of the new medications and anything that came from the chemist. She always looked for the old remedies, even when she suffered with severe Pleurisy (fluid on the lungs – a very painful condition) and sent her Dr off to find a * natural cure* refusing to take anything for it. He came back the next day and said she was to Pant, as fast and as deep as she could stand, at intervals, as often as she could manage it .. after several painful days, Mum did gradually begin to recover.

I said it was lucky for us that Mum was suspicious of medication because she was offered Thalidomide during several of her pregnancies, which she of course refused. That was indeed fortuitous; life could have been very very different for all of us.

Most of us kids grew up with the same wariness of these new fangled drugs, with always a leaning toward finding a natural, old fashioned remedy or a food that worked. As we have had our own children, this legacy, for the most part, has continued.

Good ole Mum!!

The First Steps


My Journey to Health

This is an exciting time for me .. I have begun a journey I think I was always destined to take .. since I was old enough to realise that I was different to my siblings in so many ways, but particularly my health .. I have struggled thru pain all my life ..sometimes indeterminate, seemingly indiscriminate and variously situated .. but almost constant pain somewhere, which I wont elaborate on here, but will put it in a side post, just as a reference. Also to document where I am coming from and what makes me tick.- and what has now improved and is healing for me.

I knew if I was ever going to be well, it would be up to me to make it happen, therefore, I have always been interested in what makes the human body tick.

How does it work? What do we need to do to get it and keep it running well? .. this goes with this, goes with this, goes with that .. Looking at the body as a whole and trying to work with it .. What has become a lifelong passion of mine, to study the basic mechanics of the body, was fanned to a flame by a wonderful High School Biology teacher, who also had a passion for her topic.

Later I learned all I could about foods and good nutrition  (I know that our Creator or Higher Being would not put us on the earth without everything we need and the means to stay well – After all, we are such beautifully made creatures, what would be the point otherwise?)

I truly believe that there is a food or a fruit or a vegetable or a herb somewhere, which will help to heal and repair any ailment or accident – we just need to find and learn from, those with the knowledge, which is often *old* knowledge, passed down thru the ages.

I have a girlfriend called Zophia, from Slovenia, whose mother was a renowned herbalist. Zophia has learned much from her, some of which I am fortunate enough that she has passed on to me. Some traditional and ancient remedies .. not found in books or writings, but passed down thru experience and oral history.

I have collected some old *medical* and text books which have some interesting remedies for *what ails you* .. usually beginning either with an Emetic (to make you vomit) or with an Enema or a Sitz bath, to stimulate the digestion, the colon and the bowel .. Now we know that many dis-eases begin in the digestive tract, so they were right on the money!

Another old book, *Back to Eden*, a large paperback, which I referred to and used often when my children were young, seems to have disappeared somewhere and is very sorely missed.

The journey I have now come to  is a more systematic approach to wellness – a study of wholefood medicine and traditional remedies, re-discovered and dusted off from ancient writings and studied over many years by a man called Don Tolman, affectionately known as *The Wholefood Medicine Man*

Given access to ancient papyrus scrolls, traditional and revered tribal writings and much knowledge and wisdom from many and varied cultures, Don Tolman has learned and is now teaching, Self Care and Self Education as the keys to happier lives and vibrant health. Looking after our bodies as a temple and being responsible for our own well-being is Don’s Message .. and its spreading like wildfire.

This is day one of my journey .. I hope you will share it with me ..