Depression can be overwhelming and can lead to desperation if you cant see a way out.

Perhaps it’s your work or home situation or a combination of these that are really bumming you out and dragging you down.

Perhaps its just the house, or the garden or your wardrobe or the state of your finances. .. whatever it is … it probably  seems huge to you and insurmountable, however, taking charge and taking action will help to alleviate the frustration that can build into depression.

Whatever the cause, taking positive action, about anything, is helpful.

Finding your passion, is super helpful!

If you can find something that takes your mind off YOU – then you have taken a giant step in the right direction.

Depression is a very self centred thing.

Here are several things that maybe could help you … as they have helped me.

Perhaps you need to

1) Be inspired by something specific

2) Find some direction

3) Know where to start

All of which you can find at seminars, which is great! .. You dont know whats out there til you get out there if you know what I mean. There are plenty of free and paid ones around .. get yourself along to anything that sounds even remotely interesting. Doing something different is a great tonic .. being interested in something is also an important key to keeping depression at bay.

But being time poor myself  (I’m a full time carer for my mother-in-law, who is 100 – who has her own daily challenges herself ) getting away to a seminar, especially to take time off from work and also missing out on your paypacket, may not be the best option for you – especially if you are depressed – it can be enormously hard to make the effort to drag yourself anywhere .. but, it is a very good idea!

However, if you find that too hard right now, there is something you can do, by yourself, at home or anywhere you have some quiet time, with a big notepad and pencil. Its something that is always hugely helpful to change my mood.

To make some changes and improve your situation, you need a plan or a roadmap,  this is a tried and true method that I (and many others) have found useful.

Make some Lists!

Allow yourself plenty of space on the page and between ideas, so that you can write in other ideas as they pop into your head.

What you are Interested in

Firstly, write down everything that comes into your head, no judgement – you may want to make some changes around the house, start a business venture or rejuvenate your present business, you might want to try some charity or volounteer work or simply find a way to make a few more dollars.  Keep this list for future reference.

The Second list, write down your Passions – whatever they are!

What could you really get on your high horse about? What could you rant and rave about? Maybe theres something you want to change or improve? A cause you’d like to help or be a part of? Maybe a new hobby – what could you really spend hours and hours doing? What truly inspires you? (Some of these will naturally overlap from the first list – put them down anyway)

The Third list, Write down everything You are Good at

There would be many things you are good at, so dont judge yourself here .. put them all on down paper – even if you don’t think they are significant.

Then you take the 3 lists and find whats common to them all …put a big circle around anything that has commonality.

Then pick out each idea, one at a time – and Do a Mind Map for each of them. (You will probably find that you will stop at one or two at most!)

Mind Mapping

Put the central idea in the middle (of course!) and then associate all the ideas that come up with that idea .. everything that springs to mind. Each idea that comes up should be written in its own circle and linked to the main idea that spawned it. Then say to yourself, if I want to do that, then I need to do this first – and before I can do that, I should really do this first …  and link up every step that has to do with that idea .. Sometimes several circles will link to each other and maybe to other ideas as well.

What you should have, for each idea is a starting point.

What you should find at the end, is a passion going in a definite direction and hopefully, a starting point and a step by step plan to get it happening.

Then perhaps you could spend some time either researching it on the web for yourself, or finding the right teacher / mentor or course that could fast track it for you ..

Good luck to you all ….  the world is a wonderful place if we are open to the opportunities that are out there .. don’t stay locked in your prison one minute more than you have to ..

Get out there in the big world and create something you can be passionate about .. only you can do what you are capable of, and nobody else on the planet may be able to do it  but you! ..You have a destiny that is yours and yours alone to create.

Your mind is free to roam, create and to be free even if your body isn’t .. get outside yourself and think big!

Being depressed causes inner thinking and its all about you!

Take your mind off yourself and get involved in something. Hard as it may seem, it is one of the best ways to beat the blues! You may discover a whole new meaning to your life and you will meet some new and interesting people along the way who may share your passions too.

I am a great believer that creating something and/or being passionate or excited about something will always help to keep the dark side at bay. …  Liz