Basic Pillars of Health

Air – Breathe!

Get some Oxygen into those lungs – Breathe deeply.


Drink lots of purified water – or any water!

Walking – Low Impact Exercise

Walking is the best exercise that anyone can do – and enjoy. The action of your arms swinging helps to rewire the brain. Its relaxing and reduces stress whilst beefing up your health and emotional well being. It also elevates your Seratonin levels and releases endorphins, one of the feel – good hormones

Foods – Fruits and Vegetables

Many and Varied is best! Mix up the colours, mix up the textures, they all have something different to contribute to your health. Great for your moods, great for your skin, great for everything, inside and out!

Sunshine –  15 minutes of sunshine on your skin everyday

Great for Vitamin D, keeping your bones healthy as it also strengthens them. Early morning Sun gazing (just as the sun rises) is also great for increasing Seratonin levels and lifting Depression.

Passion – have a Passion in your life

Have a passion or a creative interest (or have many Passions!) Live life! Be involved, Be Creative.


We need friends, We need to speak with and interact with people – good people. Once again, Get involved, be Outgoing, Be an Active part of your Community. No man (or woman) is an island.


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