What is Good Health?

Good question! Is health merely an absence of disease?

My dictionary explains it as: Health: Absence of disease: A general condition of body and mind.

Hmmm, a general condition of body and mind – that would include almost everyone who has yet to be diagnosed with anything specific, or one who shows no external evidence of disease – yet.

In short, most of us … from the outside anyway.

Disease – what does my Funk and Wagnells tell me about that?

1) A condition of malfunctioning in a living organism, especially one having particular symptoms.

2) Any disordered or unwholesome condition.

So, where am I going with this?

Most of us either don’t yet know what diseases are lurking beneath our “generally wholesome” appearing exterior. A lot of us are completely unaware of what disordered organisms are attacking our outwardly normal-appearing, but internally malfunctioning bodies.

There is no Excuse Not to be Healthy!

Really, there should be no excuses. There are so many articles on health, nutrition and keeping a healthy balance available today, that we all should be at our absolute healthy peak. But we aren’t are we?

It doesn’t matter what we read, what new discoveries are made, what new drugs are being devised, what new exercise ‘machines’ and programs are out there; it doesnt matter what new advances in medicine and mind are bringing to light. The populations of this planet are in need of better health!

There are very few of us that can put in day after day of heavy manual labour, which is the way we are supposed to live and the way our ancestors lived. Most of us in the Western World would not be able to even match the undernourished, impoverished third world workers on a day to day basis, walking miles every day just to fetch water, working hours at strenuous or tedious tasks requiring prolonged concentration and focus.

“Western Health”

We Westerners mostly, are unable to concentrate for long periods, we are physically unhealthy, we are plagued with minor and major ailments which curtail us from doing our jobs and leading great pain-free enjoyable lives.

Yet, we have the most knowledge of nutrition. We have the cleanest homes, the best sanitation. We have more food choices and better kept foods. We have an abundance of pure, clean water.

We know more about our bodies physically, than at any other time in history. So – what’s the problem?

I’ll talk about that in my next article   Discovering Healthy Living.


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